We offer personalized education for every 9th-12th grade high school student who enters our doors.

No one gets lost in the cracks at our safe, small, nurturing public charter school.

Based on our extensive research of how to enable best practices in high school learning, New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) ensures all of our students are truly prepared for the 21st century with:


Our instruction is personalized to meet each students’ needs. Every student, with help from their teachers and advisors, sets short and long term personal, academic and professional goals. Together, we practice organizational and time management skills, explore career options and passions, and foster success in both academic and professional environments.


NMSS lessons are relevant to the students’ lives and have real-world application. We pursue mastery in all content areas by demonstrating the ability to read, write, listen and speak effectively to diverse audiences. We create a broad range of standards-based assignments across academic curricula and our NMSS students can assess their own work using rubrics and criteria.

Early College Exposure

In order to succeed later, we expose our students to college level rigor early on in their education. Our students are fully aware of and internalize the high expectations of our talented and compassionate teachers as a stepping stone to greater educational endeavors of their choosing. Our students apply problem solving and critical thinking skills both independently and collaboratively and attend at least one tuition-free college course.

Advanced Technology

We leverage advanced technology as an engaging and efficient learning tool in our classrooms. Our students communicate effectively and appropriately using advanced technology as academic, professional, and life-long learning tools and we develop technological literacy and awareness using a diverse spectrum of reliable resources as research tools.

Access to Big District Sports

NMSS students can join the Gardena sports teams and athletic programs. We are co-located with Gardena High School making our campus conveniently located for after school team sports and pursuits.

Academic & Personal Integrity

Our students and staff demonstrate and promote mutual respect, appreciation, and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and beliefs. We model appropriate communication when expressing ideas, collaborating, and resolving conflict. We accept responsibility for our behavior and actions as we embrace our role as responsible and productive citizens of the school, the community, and the world.

Talented Teachers

NMSS attracts and retains teachers who are passionate, competent and engaging through our use of innovative recruitment strategies and a challenging career ladder. Our teachers continuously improve their craft by participating in robust professional development programs and peer collaboration. Data drives our instructional decisions and informs our NMSS teachers how to move forward to establish the best learning practices for each unique 9th – 12th grade learner.

Engagement with Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians are our family, too and we actively support each other in every student’s unique learning process. Through our commitment to growing successful college-ready high schoolers, we partner to make NMSS a positive and nurturing experience. Our small, close-knit and safe school enables developing skills like leadership and team-building capacity — alongside competency in all core academic content areas. Here at NMSS, community is a mindset.