Personalized education for every 9th through 12th grade student

We invest deeply in every high school student

 Our students access a vibrant, dynamic high school experience at our small, safe, secure school.

Why choose New Millennium?

No one gets lost in the cracks at our safe, small, nurturing public charter school. Based on our extensive research of how to enable best practices in high school learning, New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) ensures all of our students are truly prepared for the 21st century.

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Our Values

Instruction is personalized to meet each students’ needs.

Lessons are relevant to the students’ lives and have real-world application.

  • Promoting mutual respect, appreciation, and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and beliefs.
  • Accepting responsibility for one’s own behavior and actions.
  • Using appropriate models of communication when expressing ideas, collaborating, and resolving conflict.
  • Being responsible and productive citizens of the school, the community, and the world.

The school attracts and retains teachers who are passionate, competent and engaging. This is achieve through the use of innovative recruitment strategies and a challenging career ladder.

Teachers continuously improve their craft by participating in robust professional development programs and peer collaboration.

Parents/guardians are active in their students’ learning process.




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