How NMSS teaches our students courage, discipline, and positive character development.

We have all heard stories and seen movies with warriors in them, so what does it mean to be a New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) Warrior? Luckily, the movie version is only accurate on a few counts when looking at what it means to be a Warrior here (no battle axes!). We teach our students to embody their own individual strengths, and celebrate the students that both put in regular effort to accomplish their own goals as well as support their fellow students as Model Warriors.

Warriors Face Their Challenges

We teach courage to our NMSS warriors by showing them how much we care for them and have their backs. By giving them the type of support that can carry them through adversities and help them stand again after set-backs, we help our students become the type of Warriors who can face their challenges with courage.

Whatever the challenge, perseverance and staying the course in pursuit of a goal takes a certain amount of courage and strength. It also takes courage to keep going when challenges persist, or conversely, it takes courage to know when to stop and admit defeat, and ask for help. At NMSS, we lead by example and embody the Warrior strength and courage for our students, while helping them develop these qualities. By showing our students that they belong to a great network of Warriors, we offer them our strength and see them grow in their independence and courage.

Learning Self-Discipline at NMSS

One of the traits that we love to teach our Warriors is how to stick with it. If the myths and stories about Warriors agree on anything, they agree that life is not always easy for a Warrior. In fact, the act of rising to a challenge and persevering is what creates a Warrior out of a normal human.

NMSS Warriors know that life is not always easy, and so we band together to help each other through the hard parts and to help each other gain strength for what may come. We develop discipline which is a golden key to being able to accomplish whatever we dream up. When faced with tedious tasks, difficult subjects, and larger distractions from the outside world, a Warrior must develop self-discipline in order to make it to the goal line.

Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIs)

Warriors may come in all flavors, but at NMSS, our Warriors have impeccable characters, care for each other and those in need, and do our part to make the world a better place. When we work with our students to develop these qualities, we create Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIs) which direct students’ thoughts and activities toward positive actions.

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