Ready or Not…5 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

It’s our favorite time of the year: back to school!! We’re so excited– we’ve missed seeing you and sharing all the feels that happen in 9th-12th grades. At New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS), a tuition-free high school located in Gardena, California, we want to help you succeed and support you all the way. Speaking of, here are a few tips and tricks to think about to ease your way back into your school routine.

1. Your Schedule

NMSS’s scheduling wizards are hard at work concocting the perfect schedule for you…and all your classmates. You will have it on the first day of school, August 8, and it will cover what you need to graduate on time, California’s A-G requirements, and how to fit in college classes too. Look it over, memorize it, and even bring it to our office with questions- it’s a lot to understand.

2. NMSS Handbook

What’s the difference between an excused and unexcused absence? Is Friday College Shirt Day or when is that? Wait, I can graduate early?? If you need to find the details, it’s in the NMSS Student-Parent Handbook. This is available online or get one in the office.

3. Community Service 

What do you love to do that is helpful to others? By the time you graduate, you need 75 hours of community service at NMSS so start thinking now about ways you might give back. And don’t discount teaching your teachers/classmates/family the latest video production online- it may be easy for you but try teaching your dad and learn all about patience and trouble-shooting.

4. CIF Sports & Clubs

After school, you have many choices about how you spend your time. We may be a small school, but we have big access to Gardena High’s CIF sports teams. We also offer fun clubs like Cooking, GSA, Music, Finer Things (new!), and maybe even Running (rumored!). Don’t find a club you want to join? Create one! We’d love to hear your ideas (Esports? Recycled Fashion?) and make them happen!

5. Sleep

Haha, we have to say it because it’s so true! We get it, you’re busy at 10pm catching up with your friends but let your brain help you by giving it some sleep. While we can’t stress enough the importance of getting enough sleep, we’ll settle for some semblance of a sleep schedule? 

We can’t wait to see you so soon! It’s definitely not too late to join us at our tuition-free public high school.  Join our NMSS Warrior family and enroll today!

NMSS student holds both his palms up to his face looking surprised at a desk with a laptop and a terrarium in the background.

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century.  NMSS was created to address the rising global competitive environment for talent. Our students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll today.