Two-for-one offers can make you feel like you’re winning at the game of life and they often put an extra smile on your face. At New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS), we partner with the East LA Community College to give our students that added bonus of college credits with many of our free, public high school classes.

The satisfaction of getting ahead by simply doing good work where you are today is something we love delivering to our students. With small class sizes and teachers dedicated to going the extra mile for our students, we create a personalized education for each student that extends into their dreams and goals for the future.

Resources for Your Future

We make the leap between high school and college into an easily accessible crossing. Knowing what our students need to develop skills for their course work and time planning, NMSS offers numerous resources to start our students out today with strong footing for their future.

Interested in getting ahead of your student’s college reading? Download a list of 101 Books for College Bound Readers here.

Ready to time block and schedule like a pro? Find our 9-12 grade College Planning Calendars here and start using them today.

NMSS’ College Center works with our students for College and Career Counseling, scheduling and preparing for College Entrance Exams, and we even lift (the top half of) our uniform policy in favor of College Shirt Fridays where students show their college pride and wear their college shirt, hoodie or jacket. Uniform pants are still required.

Get Involved for Better Results

Did you know that many colleges prefer to enroll students who are active in community service? This Niche article goes in depth with some great points, and reveals that “…58% of admissions officers agreed that community service has a positive impact on a student’s acceptance to their college or university. Even more importantly, 53% said that community service was a tie-breaker between equally qualified students.”

NMSS is way ahead of traditional schools in this regard. Our students need 75 or more community service hours to graduate from New Millennium Secondary School, and we’ve got great reasons behind this requirement. Students who are involved in community service are more likely to participate in their community outside of class hours, and are more likely to contribute to the mission of their college of choice.

Pick up more information at the counseling office, and start your student’s journey at NMSS today. Now enrolling students for summer school and fall 2021 in the Gardena, CA community.

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century. NMSS was created to address the rising global competitive environment for talent. Our students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll your student today.