The list of questions to ask when choosing the right school for your student is very important. At New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS), our strong academics, amazing athletics, and dual enrollment with East LA Community College are just a few of the reasons we are a great choice for high school. Our Principal, Ms. Navarro, is another great reason. NMSS leadership is outstanding, and it all starts at the top, so we interviewed Principal Navarro below to help you get to know our exceptional leader.

What does being Principal mean to you?

For me it means doing the best I can as a leader. I have two key lenses that guide decision making. I want to always view the day to day through a teacher lens and through a student lens. I want to be there for our staff and students and listening is a major part of that. It is an honor to serve our Warrior Community.

As principal I never take for granted the learning opportunities that students provide me on a daily basis. They are a constant blessing to me and they always keep me on my toes! Not everyone gets the opportunity to work with high school students. It’s a relationship I wouldn’t trade for the world!

What are some favorite aspects of your role at NMSS?

Helping serve the student community as best as I can. I always want to be their biggest fan. And competition is always fun! I’m always ready to challenge the students in anything! I also love serving the staff and teachers. Seeing teacher success in the classroom is everything. It’s the best when teachers are excited about what is happening in the classroom. I have also had the opportunity to see NMSS as a coach, teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I think that really helps because I have experienced every aspect of the Warrior Community.

How does working at NMSS fit your personal or professional mission?

I want our students to walk with purpose and know that they are supported and loved. And I want students to know they can create their own paths for achievement. But hard work and determination are key. If students feel a sense of belonging and purpose then that achievement can grow each year they are with us. That is what I want for every student.

Why NMSS? Why this particular student population?

Our students deserve to be heard. They deserve to have a voice. I want our NMSS students to know how valued and important they are. If we can add to their confidence then we are serving our purpose. Our population deserves to be given every opportunity to be successful and heard during their time with us and also once they graduate.

What do you like to do for fun?

I run. I am a very competitive person so when I’m not working I love to run marathons. It’s a challenge that continues to drive me to be better and stronger. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Running also is a great stress reliever from the job hahaha!

Come by to say Hello

The main office at NMSS where you’ll find Ms. Navarro and our leadership team is always open to you. Literally – we have no doors. This makes it easy to stay connected with our students and each other, which is another reason that NMSS is an excellent choice for your student’s high school education.

Connect with us on campus or by email to learn more. (And maybe even visit and challenge Ms. Navarro to a race around the block!)

Enrolling now.

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century. NMSS was created to address the rising global competitive environment for talent. Our students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll your student today.