We know counselors are there for us, to give advice and be there to listen.  But Mrs. Breyshere Sampson is a Warrior Counselor here at New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) and that means she takes counseling to the next level of engagement. She creates ways to be your best Warrior, and she is passionate about connecting with our entire community in fun yet educational ways. We asked her a few questions…

 Headshot of Guidance Counselor Mrs. Sampson seated and smiling at the camera in a white top and red blazer with delicate gold jewelry.

What do you love about NMSS? What sets it apart from other schools?

I love that NMSS feels like a family environment where everyone is accepted and equally heard. I think that is important not just for students, but for staff too.

The charter school’s mission and vision overall is to foster a community of academic excellence, equity, and diversity. I find value in being excellent in my approach and cultivation of personal relationships and friendships. I find value in being respectful of differences while still being grounded in my truth. I find value in understanding challenges as lessons to be learned and conquered.

Let’s talk about your role as a guidance counselor. Given NMSS serves 9th-12th grades, tell us how you approach this.

I became a counselor to assist youth in understanding how they can make a difference, even if just in their family. They possess the tools necessary to be the change they desire to see.

With the underclass, my focus is helping them understand the benefits of getting involved in school activities, community serving, and maintaining grades necessary for them to gain entrance into their desired post high school program or field.

I provide students with community service opportunities which they may use to gain their hours. I also provide community service hours for students who assist in the Warrior Pantry or with additional help I may need in the office.

I hold senior meetings throughout the year which include one-on-one assistance in the college application and FAFSA process. I also meet with parents to discuss college admissions processes and required financial obligations. Furthermore, I assist in the hand-off to a college admission counselor for students to get set up with their schedule and academic plan.

I emphasize the importance of a college education, but I also realize that it is not every student’s desire to go that route. So, I discuss topics on vocational and certificated programs that may lead to entrepreneurship as well.

Will you share a couple of programs you created for NMSS?

I created the Warrior Pantry, a school outreach project that aims to serve our school family and local families around us through giving. The pantry consists of donated canned goods, new hygiene products, and lightly used clothing and shoes. Somewhat related, I’ve developed ThanksGIVEaway, a holiday serving opportunity just in time for Thanksgiving.

Of the MANY fun events hosted by NMSS, do you have a favorite?

My favorite event at NMSS would have to be the Talent Show! Many of our students have hidden talents that come to the forefront as soon as those audition flyers come out. It is amazing to see them -and staff- shine on stage!

So there’s the broader NMSS family, but then you also have personal family ties at NMSS?

Yes, my husband, Mr. Brandon Sampson also works at NMSS as a Campus Supervisor. We met during my senior year of high school at prom!

When you’re not engaging with our beloved NMSS community, what do you like to do?

I like dining, concerts, movies, faith based events, podcast listening, and traveling. 

And finally, what does a guidance counselor listen to to get out of a funk or to get energized?

Gospel, R & B, Neo-Soul, and Hip Hop!

Headshot of Mrs. Sampson in a black v-neck NMSS t-shirt, wearing glasses, and smiling at the camera

We are so lucky to have Mrs. Sampson as our guidance counselor at NMSS. She puts the care in counselor! Come by and meet her and our other great leaders serving our 9th-12th grades today. Enrolling now for Fall 2022! Call us at 310-999-6162 and talk to one of our friendly staff, or fill out an application and join our Warrior team!

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