Every day, NMSS high school students hear our call to action, “Rise and Grind Warriors!” This phrase means more than wake up and get to work, it’s how we remind ourselves to focus and stay positive in the face of everyday challenges. 

Positivity takes a Community

One of the reasons we take community so seriously is that connections matter at our free public high school.  There’s something powerful about being in it all together, even if it’s not necessarily fun (hello pandemic). Our spirited dress code celebrates fashion that is casual yet unifying. Our community service requirement demands that we rise up out of our self-interests and focus on the interest of others, within our school and outside of it. Knowing that our classmates are pursuing (free!) college credits (it’s a requirement after all) means that we all are working hard, and that our hard work pays off. After school, we have clubs like drama, music, gaming, and art that help us decompress in the company of others who share our passions.  Ditto when it comes to sports! We play sports like football, tennis, and softball with Gardena High but are celebrated as Warriors on the NMSS campus.  

When we feel like our world is spinning out of control, our Warrior team has our back, pushing us to keep up. We use a positive behavioral system (PBIS) and a Code of Conduct to guide us along. Our teachers and staff are here for a chat, a smile, a hug and plenty of high-fives. We are consistently available, empowering our students through unconditional support whether it’s helping with college applications or a reminder that today’s schedule is Periods Two and Four and Advisory Six and Seven…you’ve got this! After school, teachers are here too, leading Learning Loss Tutoring and advising school clubs. Speaking of advice, students at NMSS have an advisor who is there to cheer them on, all the way to graduation.

NMSS students laughing and engaging in school activity outside with shaving cream on their faces.

We know coming to high school prepared helps us remain positive which is why we stress punctuality, and not just meeting, but exceeding school standards. We start getting students prepared early, with our Freshman Summer Bridge Orientation that introduces our youngest students to our beautiful NMSS bubble, before school even starts.

It’s All About Me

You know what keeps high school positive? Personalizing students’ schedules to best reflect goals and dreams. In fact, one of our named values at NMSS is making sure our studies are relevant and have real-world application. No need to be frustrated because you’re bored out of your mind, there are choices at our free public high school. Yes, you can take Spanish as a beginner but if you’ve advanced beyond the basics, take higher level classes online. Yes, we make sure you graduate with free college credits, with our partnerships at East LA Community College and SW Community College, but what you take is up to you. Take a core class like Algebra but also explore your interest in Business 101, all the while supported by our NMSS community.  

NMSS puts the Pep in Positivity

There’s always something fun in the works at NMSS. Whether it’s a Field Day like our Spring Bowl, or field play watched from the stands of Gardena High School, NMSS keeps life peppy. We have special days but we also have little special ways to give shout-outs for all your hard work- we see you! 

Feeling out of sorts? Lost the pep in your step? We’re here for a comforting pep talk so take a mental health break and come visit us in the office. Or check out our mental health hotline Care Solace, where you are connected to someone who can help you, your friends, and even your family. We’ve got this.

NMSS supports our high school students by empowering them with the skills they need to become successful adults. We provide positive, compassionate care for our students while pushing them to realize their potential. And it’s all free in our public high school. Together we rise up to the challenges we face, and grow in the grind -the hard work- that gets us there. Rise and grind Warriors!

Serving 9-12 grades, our free public high school supports you. Call us at 310-999-6162 and talk to one of our friendly staff, or fill out an application and join our Warrior team!

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century.  NMSS was created to address the rising global competitive environment for talent. Our students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll your student today.