Can high school be fun? It CAN be, if you’re at New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS), a tuition-free public 9th-12th grade high school in Gardena. We take our academics as seriously as we take our fun with lots of brain breaks and community-building activities. Here are five ways we put the fun in high school!

#1 – Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and staff are at the heart of our engaged school. They are here for you, whether you need academic support or timely advice. You are a precious person to them and never a number. Teachers and staff wear many different hats at NMSS. They help you decide which college is right for you before battling it out to beat you in our Lip-Sync Challenge. They take the time to make class fun (see #3), like having a snowball fight as part of a physical acting exercise. And good times aren’t limited to class; we’re here for fist bumps and dance-offs in the hall, or a pep talk (or snack!) in our welcoming office that doesn’t even have doors. We want you here! 

#2 – Small & Connected

Our tight-knit community means everyone knows everyone and you’re safe and secure. We start with an orientation even before school starts so you know what to expect (the unknown = fear = not fun!). We raise money (look at all those pop-ups under #5!) so everyone can join in on all the fun we have.

Spirit weeks bring us together for fun on the regular at NMSS, like Back-to-School, Halloween, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. So many fun dressing up opportunities, like these dinosaurs

Another way to connect through fun is through our after-school clubs. Cooking is very popular, as is gaming, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, working out, and dancing. And don’t forget to start your day as part of the Miss Georgina Appreciation Club. Let Miss Georgina know just how awesome she is every morning- how fun is that?

#3 – Classes

Can class be fun? Sure it can! At NMSS, we use block scheduling so you can really concentrate and work on big ideas…or add details that make a project stand out. Act out the Athenian tragedy Antigone IN class? Yep, and let’s make some costumes too. Learn Spanish AND create an Ofrenda or calaca? Studying the rich culture behind a language is something important at our school. And sometimes a classroom scavenger hunt really is the best way to learn- get up, stretch, and have some fun!

#4 – College Prep

Wait, isn’t college prep stressful with the tests and studying and figuring out which of the bazillion school options I can go to and afford? Sure, there IS a lot of work preparing for college but at NMSS, we are here for it and we make it fun! 

We take field trips to visit local schools and career options. We host college fairs throughout the year so all you have to do is walk out of class and make your way around the school courtyard. Schools love to give away little freebies and answer any and all of your questions, even if it’s what’s the cafeteria vibe. We also hold college application and financial aid nights right here at school to help you as you navigate this necessary step toward your bright future. Sure, wear your jammies and get comfortable, you’ve got this!

#5 – Fun Activities & Celebrations

  • In a larger school, you wouldn’t have enough time and food to accommodate everyone but at our small school, we can bust out a Culture Day Food Tour and everyone gets a taste. How else do we have fun? Here are some ways:
  • ALL the Bowls: Turkey Bowl, Spring Bowl, Water Bowl. Usually centered around exams or just because we need a b-r-e-a-k!
  •  Senior Award Night: Seniors get their own fun (and hard work!) all year long, but on this night, it’s all about celebrating the amazing people they are! Then it’s on to graduation and roller coasters.
  • Field Trips: Educational, sure, but also fun! Think Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific or the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) where you look at AND create art.
  • Beach Days, Clipper’s games, and maybe a little light flying?
  • Movie nights at school…sometimes complete with a catered meal beforehand.
  • Fall Fest, featuring Chick-fil-A, karaoke, a conga line, and of course costumes!
  • So many pop-ups: Pasta, nachos, ice cream, chicken and waffles, pizza, shave ice…

High school CAN be fun- join our NMSS Warrior family and enroll today!

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a tuition-free charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century. Our public high school students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll today.