Wearing a uniform…has as many pluses as it does minuses. You don’t have to think about what to wear…but you also don’t GET to think about what to wear. That’s why at New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS), we have a very relaxed approach to what we wear and yet what we wear unites us. We love to share our school pride, our college pride, and our pride in you! Join us as we celebrate with all our spirit as our school year begins.

You Be You

At NMSS, we have a very flexible dress code.  At our small and close-knit high school, we provide ample opportunity for expression among students and staff, while also prioritizing an environment of learning and academic growth. We want you to feel comfortable at our amazing little school where everyone cares about you. We know that it’s a lot easier to do your best if you’re not stressed and so we do everything we can to make sure you know what to expect as a Warrior, including what to wear. We also value your feedback and ideas as we continue to adapt and grow, ensuring that all students are heard and valued – we are a Warrior family after all!

Team Spirit

At our tuition-free high school, we focus more on creating a sense of community with spirit days than having a specific uniform. We want you to be comfortable and engaged – it’s the Warrior way!

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, wear what you want, but you know, within reason. When in doubt our handy Student-Parent Handbook explains what is acceptable to wear on campus and what you should save for your off-campus time. And then there’s Wednesday & Thursday, when NMSS encourages the following fun fashion for students and staff: 

  • Wednesday: Warrior Wednesday! Show your NMSS Pride: wear any t-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt representing NMSS, even a club or sports shirt. Or wear our Warrior BLUE and WHITE colors – easy peasy, wear for a great reasy!

As much as we love showing our Warrior pride, there is a time when we cheer for…the Gardena Panthers? Yes, our Warriors play for the Panthers’ great sports teams and we cheer you on in your Panther role and wear as much as your Warrior one. Join any of their CIF sports teams for that big team feeling!

  • Thursday: College Day! Wear any college gear…and close your eyes and imagine you are there! At NMSS, we are all about college prep, both in our academics (free college credits included!) and in the steps we take to help you get there, like applications & financial aid resources.

Teachers wear their college alum apparel too: ask them about their university days – some of them even attended way back in the ancient times of the 20th century…with only a floppy disk guiding them to success…

You can get your NMSS shirts, hats, beanies, and hoodies at our school student store. The sale of school gear is an ASB fundraiser and profits are used toward the funding of student activities and events.

Come join our fierce team spirit, complete with a festive approach to our dress code. It’s not too late to join our dynamic tuition-free public high school.  Call us at (310) 999-6162 and talk to one of our friendly staff, or fill out an application and join our Warrior team.  We can’t wait to meet you! 

About NMSS

The New Millennium Secondary School (NMSS) is a charter high school in Gardena, CA committed to preparing students to become life-long learners and dynamic leaders in the competitive 21st century.  NMSS was created to address the rising global competitive environment for talent. Our students enjoy a small school education with big school sports and accredited community college classes. Enroll your student today.