Recognition for a cool color blindness presentation? Praise for experimental cooking? Do you know who celebrates students with these great shoutouts? Mrs. Russell, New Millennium Secondary School’s (NMSS) Sciences teacher. You know who else should get one? That’s right, Mrs. Russell, for her dedication to our 9th-12th grade tuition-free Gardena high school. Learn more about her and bonus points for finding the shoutouts she even includes in her own profile. She’s just that good.

What do you LOVE about NMSS?  What sets it apart from other schools?

I’ve been working with charter schools for the last 25 years. New Millennium’s diminutive size is cohesive with the enormous heart that is displayed by its team of teachers. Our school is one that embraces and nurtures the diverse student body that we serve. The authentic family and community bonds we have serve as a worthy substrate that sustains the powerful work that is done within this learning community. 

Are you involved in other activities at NMSS? 

Botany, Cooking Club,and Learning Loss Tutoring

Can you share a story about students going above and beyond?

The Associated Student Body (ASB) leadership team works tirelessly to run our student advisory in planning and implementing all fundraisers and extracurricular activities. On the day of prom this year, Rhoemi Smith arrived with family members ready to work. At Halloween, Gina Ramirez reached out to her family to provide weights for the school tent in preparation for a festival. It is not uncommon for Josue G. to communicate in the afternoon and weekends whenever he has a clever thought or suggestion. They are all amazing leaders.

In your opinion, what makes a great leader? How do you teach leadership?

A great leader is one who embraces professional development and loves learning. They don’t always think that they’re smartest person in the room. They listen and learn from their constituents.

What’s the best part about your role at our public high school? 

I have the autonomy to customize lessons that meet the required standards while lending relevance to students’ everyday lives.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself? 

I love live music, karaoke, traveling, and amateur photography. My favorite non-human organism is Darwin Russell 😍

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About NMSS

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